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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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Board Members & Staff

2023 Board of Directors


Michael P. Drake


Michael J. Marshall, Ed.D.


Kourtney Nett


Keri Reilly Westmoreland

    • Dr. Tracilia Beacham
      Ebony Bell
      Mickey Brown
      Tendra Burnett
      Doug Chin
      David L. Cooper
      Ken Coulter, Jr.
      Robert L. Crady, III
      Shannon DeWeese
      Mike Dickman
      David D. Dorsey
      Ryan Dozier
      Michael Duke
      Shareen Dunn
      Chad Ellis
      Charlie Farnsley
      Jennifer Ferguson
      Christopher Hall
    • Brad Hume
      Megan Imel
      Emily Lawrence
      Justin Moore
      Allison Pitman
      Robert W. Reuther
      Jessica Rives
      Grant Roberts
      Kristen Taylor
      Michael F. Wade
      Cynthia B. Welch
      Carl L. Williams, Sr.
      Robert E. Willis
      Steven R. Wilson
      Stephen Wolford
    • Board Members Emeriti
      Lea Fischbach
      David Y. Wood

    • The Cabbage Patch Staff




      Rev. Corey G. Miller, D. Min. – Executive Director









      Program Staff Leadership




      Mayghin Levine, M.A.T. – Director of Programs









      Brandi Giles, M.A.T. – Manager, Educational Opportunities








      Ryan Lovelace, M.S.R. – Manager, Recreation and Youth Development








      Rev. Calvin Holloway, D. Min. – Manager, Family Development

      Development & Support Services Leadership






      Jennifer Scott, CFRE – Director of Development and Marketing







      Laura Goodman – Annual Fund & Special Events Manager









      Tiffany Roden – Human Resources Director






      Nancy Beam – Database Specialist








      Eli Levine – Facilities Manager